Prince of Orange
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A Webflow Website that allowed Prince of Orange to stand out in the local scene

The client, Prince of Orange, a pub based in Kent, sought to enhance its online presence and engage with a broader audience. The goals included increasing foot traffic to the pub, building a strong brand identity, and effectively managing social media platforms.
Lead Time
4 Weeks
English Pub
Website Goal
Boost foot traffic and local engagement for Prince of Orange in Kent, Establish a distinctive brand identity for the pub.
Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Social Media

The Challenge

Prince of Orange faced initial hurdles with limited local visibility, impeding efforts to attract a broader audience. The challenge involved devising a strategy tailored to resonate with the Kent community and boost foot traffic. Simultaneously, the creative challenge of establishing a distinctive brand identity in a competitive market required careful crafting of a logo and visual elements that captured the essence of Prince of Orange and resonated locally. Additionally, overcoming the limited engagement on social media platforms demanded the development of a comprehensive strategy to not only increase the follower base but also foster active participation and discussion within the local community.

Our Approach

We began by crafting a unique brand identity for Prince of Orange, including a visually striking logo that resonated with the local community. Simultaneously, we designed and developed a user-friendly website to showcase the pub's offerings and events, ensuring a seamless online experience for visitors.

Implementing a comprehensive social media strategy, we managed Prince of Orange's social media platforms. Regular posts featuring engaging content, promotions, and event highlights were shared to connect with the local audience and create a vibrant online community.

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Stragetic Solution

By combining a visually appealing brand identity, an informative website, and a dynamic social media strategy, we successfully elevated Prince of Orange's online presence. The increased foot traffic and growing social media engagement underline the effectiveness of our approach in meeting the client's objectives. Prince of Orange now stands out in the local scene, showcasing the importance of a cohesive online strategy for establishments seeking to connect with their community.

Local Engagement Strategy:

We devised a local-centric engagement strategy, incorporating Kent-centric themes in branding and emphasizing community events on social media to attract and resonate with the local audience.

Distinctive Branding:

Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we created a visually appealing logo and brand elements that captured the unique charm of Prince of Orange, setting it apart in the competitive local market.

Comprehensive Social Media Strategy:

Implementing a content calendar, we ensured regular and engaging posts on social media, promoting weekly events, specials, and community initiatives to boost local engagement and create an online community around the pub.